Starting fresh

I spent the first week of 2018 exploring and loving London, after 5 cozy days in Dorset. Together with my partner Jason, his uncle Duncan and aunt Pamela, we rented a cottage on the Jurassic Coast for Christmas, where we cooked and read, watched BBC Christmas specials on TV, and listened to holiday music streaming from an online radio station in Seattle, of all places.

The photo below captures a breathtaking moment we spent after pulling over on the side of a scenic road. Jason flew his drone about for several minutes above us, as we enjoyed the perfect bucolic splendor of the southern coast of England.


It was the best trip to England J and I have had to date; the perfect mixture of culture and relaxation. I returned to my life in the Bay Area full of hope and renewed energy, starting work with a greatly improved attitude. Two weeks in, I led a productive, enjoyable planning session with my closest colleagues.

Six weeks in marked the arrival of Lunar New Year, which always feels like the beginning of spring here in north-central California. Unexpectedly ill, I spent an entire Saturday huddled under blankets, shades drawn, completely unable to move. It was an exquisite late winter day in Alameda, but I couldn’t enjoy it. I even had plans I was looking forward to that night — a goodbye party for close friends, held at a 70s & 80s-themed dance club — but I ended up canceling. I ached all over. My left eye socket hurt.

But still, I accomplished one important thing on the second New Year’s day of the year. I set up this website and sent out my first invoice as an independent creative coach, for a blogging workshop I co-facilitated on January 27. As part of that accomplishment, I led two really good follow-up calls last week. It all came together to make me realize, “Yes! This is what I’m meant to do!”

Although I was disappointed about missing the party last night, I know I did the right thing by heeding the signal that my body needed rest. My eye socket still hurts a little today, but I was able to get some errands done: coffee and Sunday drive with mom, watering and weeding the garden, manicure and pedicure, then a delicious rice porridge lunch at a nearby Vietnamese restaurant.

I feel sated and comfortable now, after a long hot soak in epsom salts and essential oils. I’m sitting up in bed, writing. It’s 24 hours later and, unlike yesterday, my curtains are open this afternoon. I’m looking out the bedroom window, watching the sun set the redwood and tea tree aglow in our neighbor’s yard. It’s another fresh start for me.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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