A tight spot

I put down the phone and pulled the car keys out of my purse. “Dave!” I shouted through the bathroom door. “Mom told them you’re her attorney, and that you’re coming over there to sort things out.”

“I’ll be right there!” Dave shouted back. “I cannot wait. You know I love Sonia.”

“Yeah,” I muttered. The bathroom faucet was running, so he couldn’t hear me. “You want her wrapped around your little finger so she’ll put in a good word for you. I told you, I am not marrying you. Ever.”

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Starting fresh

I spent the first week of 2018 exploring and loving London, after 5 cozy days in Dorset. Together with my partner Jason, his uncle Duncan and aunt Pamela, we rented a cottage on the Jurassic Coast for Christmas, where we cooked and read, watched BBC Christmas specials on TV, and listened to holiday music streaming from an online radio station in Seattle, of all places.

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