Collected Haiku

On the occasion of our 5th Anniversary
and 60th consecutive Show —

We, the artists of Bay Area Generations,
honor and thank

Board President, Amos White

– August 27, 2018

Eager song of spring
and patient voice of autumn
through time’s microphone.

© 2018 Daniel Ari

Your words, like logs, roll —
inching centuries-hewn stones
from spark toward legend

© 2018 David Brehmer

It’s never the clock
It’s man who will determine
which dreams clouds can catch.

© 2018 Fred Dodsworth

A hawk swoops above
the station. At this angle
little else to tell.

Tourist. Accept your
overstuffed identity
along with the rain.

Struggling fuschia
Overwhelmed by the stone urn
Bright red blooms

Before I marked time
in hours, it expanded
during vacations.

Paint pots in Yellowstone;
surprise of the small geysers,
mud spurts and bubbles.

Travel makes strange all
that you know of home. Look North,
the bus station, lights.

Home, DMV goal
achieved. Grateful it wasn’t
worse, more expensive

© 2018 Carol Dorf

Crisp type on clean page
Listen to your inner ear
A new door opens

© 2018 Bronwyn Emery

Purple pansies chat
compliment each other’s cheeks
August morning fun

© 2018 Grace Grafton

It’s about time for
our souls, wit, heart, and voices
thank you to Amos

© 2018 Robin Heyden

Tell you what. That grin.
Amos welcomes wide, then pares
it down to pith.

© 2018 Tobey Hiller

The tie, grin and swag,
the crisp articulation:
an apple on his desk.

© 2018 Miah Jeffra

Amos magnified
Glorious smile shine bright!
You are a giver

© 2018 Libra Kaplan

Haiku/Tercets for Amos

You should be writing haiku
I should be arriving any minute
I will e-mail call and text you

We notify any pioneers and politicians
identify the movement and flow of selected works
and invite all jazz poetry piano work from the heart

You will be able to attend because you know me
do not say a few words about yourself
Do not destroy the sacred sparkling process

I’ll keep you poets on the page
Advancing the bridge of generations.
You cannot rearrange add or delete


Rivers and trees the sound of revelation
songs made out of words in a language
We remember wrestling compassion that lightning our poems

The earth’s orchestra of wind in the words
over across the road around the sadness
in the back room over pages scribbled

The song the drums the chanting around fire
Spirit clicking in cinders sparking up into moonlight
What matters shaping voices our shared blood lust for words.

© 2018 Tobey Kaplan

Oh, Amos, Amos–
He make poetry grow–
And make us famous.

© 2018 Don Markos

Cat and Lions Tail

As cat naps below,
hummingbird and Lions Tail
kiss in the blue sun.

© 2014-2018 Leah Markos

Skilled pelicans swoop
As duos, lit, take deep bows.
Now is our moment.

© 2018 Marise Phillips

Shining like sunlight
As supportive as bedrock
Amos takes the mic

© 2018 Jon Sindell

“You Taught Us…”

The Sound of the Web
Because of you, we dreamed skies
You gave warmth, gave love

© 2018 Rochelle Spencer

Eat At Ortlieb’s Jazhaus
(For Luz, Greg, and Anam)

piano riffs burst
pomegranates open splash
arpeggio juice

soft whole wheat base breathes
flute glass sax spills chardonnay
sound soaks the table

© 2018 Maurisa Thompson

A songbird
alights in the garden—

A man pauses
a row of ivory keys—
the stream flows on.

Jazz heats up
the spaces between words—
clouds disappear.

© 2018 Sandra Wassilie

Poetry and jazz
We can’t say no to Amos
Smile of persuasion

© 2018 Maw Shein Win